Time Travel

~Romance through the ages~

Ladies in Time

~Strong young women find romance in their adventures through time~

~Book 1~

Somewhere My Lady


Is he real or is he a ghost? 

Is he real or is he a ghost? 

Somewhere in Time

~Love is timeless~

~Book 1~


Somewhere My Love


Love bridges the centuries.

~Book 2~

Somewhere My Lass


Will Mora and Neil be too late to save a love that began centuries before? 

~Book 3~

Somewhere In The Highlands


The MacDonalds are coming!!

~Holiday Book~

Somewhere The Bells Ring


Ghosts aren't real, are they?

Boxed Sets

~Fantasy Holiday Romances~


An Enchanted Holiday


A collection of fantasty holiday romances, including The White Lady.

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